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We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of design inspired prints created by renowned and emerging artists.  Pricing artwork based on popularity of an artist is something that very few artists can do. For instance, as much as I like his art (and as much as I dislike his marketing ploys), Thomas Kinkade is one such artist who uses this approach and gets away with it. So, unless you`re well known, or your work is strongly in public demand, don`t even consider this as an approach.If you have an interest in printing your artwork, you may find yourself wondering if it is best to use canvas or paper for printing artwork.  Whether an artist needs Giclee canvas wraps , art on canvas, Giclee watercolor prints, inkjet imaging, Giclee fine art smooth printing, Giclee Epson printing, wall art prints, online art printing, art show printing, large art prints, Chromira printing, Lumira prints, or any of the dozens of services offered by Fine Print Imaging, they can rest assured that their fine art images will be produced with loving attention to detail.Sizes are indicative of final paper size and include a 1” border around the image, ready for framing. Fine Print Imaging offers drum scanning, Giclee canvas photo printing, image scanning, wide format imaging, large art prints, wall art prints, art show printing, online art printing, digital photography imaging, inkjet imaging, art scanning, large format printing, Lumira prints, canvas reproduction, Giclee canvas wraps, Giclee watercolor prints, Giclee fine art smooth printing, Giclee Epson printing, Chromira printing, and dozens of other professional photo lab services.For years folks have been asking for prints of my science fiction, cyborg, and cyberpunk artwork (much of it created for book covers and magazine illustrations).  Step inside, have a look around, make yourself at home, bookmark it if you`d like to come back sometime, of course feel free to share the page on social media, tell your friends about it in person, too, send me a friendly email , commission me to come paint your coffee table, have fun watching the artwork reshuffle itself as you click through the different categories in the Gallery, and enjoy your stay!United Artworks deliver direct to your door from only $9.95 AUD Australia wide.  Other highlights of Murray`s tenure include the sale in 2006 of `Turret ship in dry dock` by Edward Wadsworth, which sold for £114,000, a record for the artist and the highest auction price ever paid for a modern British print, as well as several successful themed auctions including Contemporary Editions: Works from the Paragon Press (April 2008).
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She was quickly promoted to Associate Specialist where she played an instrumental role in the record-breaking single-owner sales of Picasso Ceramics: An Important Private Collection (April 2011); John James Audubon prints from the Property from the Westervelt Company Formerly the Gulf States Paper Corporation (September 2011) and the inaugural Andy Warhol Foundation sale of Andy Warhol at Christie`s: Prints (November 2012).In 2010 Gallery of the Louvre underwent a six-month conservation treatment in the studio of Lance Mayer and Gay Myers, specialists in American painting who have restored such major works as Emanuel Leutze`s Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851; Metropolitan Museum of Art) and Rembrandt Peale`s The Court of Death (1824; Detroit Institute of Arts).You can survey almost a hundred years of New York`s indomitable grandeur by perusing over 900,000 images from the New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery Photos like the astonishing tableaux in a sunlight-flooded Grand Central Terminal at the top (taken sometime between 1935 and 41) and like the breathtaking scale on display in the 1910 exposure of the Queensboro Bridge, above.Formerly known as The Collections of the National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogue (a printed series of authoritative volumes on the Gallery`s permanent collections), NGA Online Editions puts this same detailed information—and more—at the fingertips of students, scholars, and anyone eager to learn more about the treasures of the National Gallery of Art.Please note that if the auction moves to a physical live event (the auction page will specify this and the bidder will be noticed as such by email), the highest bidder after the close of the online auction will be the opening bid at the event and will be notified within 48 hours after the event if the bid is the final winning bid or been outbid by someone at the event.


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